Calculated LDL Cholesterol Levels over Time (Intention-to-Treat Analysis).

2015 in Review #2: Cholesterol-lowering drugs

Calculated LDL cholesterol levels are shown in milligrams per deciliter (left axis) and millimoles per liter (right axis). Values above the data points indicate least-squares mean absolute LDL cholesterol levels, and values below the data points indicate least-squares mean percentage changes from baseline. Values below the chart indicate the number of patients with LDL cholesterol values available for the intention-to-treat analysis at each time point; these include levels measured while the study drug was being taken and, in the case of patients who discontinued the study drug but returned to the clinic for assessments, after the study drug was discontinued. Missing data were accounted for with the use of a mixed-effects model with repeated measures. For statin therapy, the maximum tolerated dose was the highest dose associated with an acceptable side-effect profile. LLT denotes lipid-lowering therapy. (Credit: The New England Journal of Medicine).