Ellen DeGeneres Speaks Out Against Taiwanese Rabies Testing

Ellen DeGeneres, one of the world’s most powerful animal advocates, has added her voice to a growing international outcry against the Taiwanese government’s plans to infect unvaccinated beagle puppies with a deadly rabies virus.

As a long-time advocate for the welfare of animals, I would like to join the many physicians, scientists, and veterinarians who have encouraged the Taiwanese government to avoid experimenting on live animals in its efforts to combat the rabies virus in Taiwan,” Ellen writes in a letter to the Taiwanese Legislature.

Despite the solid consensus among rabies experts, veterinarians, and scientists around the world that all strains of rabies can infect warm-blooded animals, the Taiwanese Council of Agriculture plans to test the infectivity of a recently discovered strain of the virus by injecting it into 210 mice, 36 ferret-badgers and 14 beagle puppies. These tests are completely unnecessary and will produce no benefit for human health.

Join Ellen DeGeneres and the more than 85,000 scientists and concerned citizens across the globe who have signed our petition urging the COA to halt the experiments:

Take Action [Tell Legislators in Taiwan to Stop Rabies Experiments on Animals [PRCM]]


Ellen DeGeneres Speaks Out Against Taiwanese Rabies Testing [PCRM]